5 Common HOA Holiday Decorating Rules You Should Know

5 Common HOA Holiday Decorating Rules You Should Know

The holidays are around the corner! It's a time of family gatherings, delicious food, and festive decorations. For the safety of neighborhoods in Galveston, Texas, many HOAs have rules on the type of decor that homeowners can display.

For example, bright lights are oftentimes prohibited because they can distract drivers. Large and noisy decorations are usually banned for being a nuisance.

These are only a few HOA holiday decorating rules that you should be aware of. Continue reading to learn more.

1. No Distracting Lights

Sparkling Christmas lights can be magical to look at. However, there is such a thing as too sparkly. Bright flashing lights can distract drivers.

Even if their lights aren't too bright, homeowners should still avoid pointing them toward the road. Christmas lights aren't only distracting to drivers.

If someone were to leave their lights on overnight, it could prevent their neighbors from sleeping. Homeowners can fix this problem by utilizing light timers. They can program the lights to turn on when it gets dark out and turn off right before they go to bed.

2. Decoration Timeline

Most people begin decorating for the holidays starting in October. They break out the spooky Halloween decorations. Some put out some generic fall home decorations for Thanksgiving and string up Christmas lights on December 1st.

Most HOA associations have a timeline in place for home holiday decor. In most cases, homeowners are allowed to put decorations up a week before the holiday starts and take them down no later than two weeks after.

3. No Offensive Decorations

When putting up holiday decorations, homeowners should avoid displaying ones that could be offensive to their neighbors. The general rule of thumb is to stay away from religious or political references.

Everyone likes to delve deep into the spirit of Halloween with their decorations, but homeowners should avoid gory ones to be on the safe side. Some HOAs frown on them.

4. No Large Decorations

Giant inflatable pumpkins and Santas are fun, but some HOA management companies forbid them because they can also be tacky.

Like flashing lights, giant inflatables can be distracting to neighbors and drivers as well.

5. No Overly Noisy Decorations

Some Christmas and Halloween decorations make noise. There's nothing wrong with them, but homeowners should avoid turning them on at odd hours of the night. If they're too loud, they could keep the entire neighborhood awake.

There are some HOA services that ban the use of noise-making decorations completely for fear of them disturbing the community.

Follow HOA Holiday Decorating Rules

With the holidays right around the corner, it's time for homeowners in Galveston, Texas, to break out the Christmas and Halloween decorations.

There are some HOA holiday decorating rules that every homeowner should know about before they start setting up giant inflatable Santas and spooky skeletons.

Homeowners should avoid putting up decorations that are too much of a disturbance or distraction. That means no bright lights or loud singing reindeer.

PMI Galveston Bay can help your HOA enforce holiday decoration rules. Go here for a list of our board member services, and schedule a consultation today!