HOA Board Responsibilities in Galveston, Texas

HOA Board Responsibilities in Galveston, Texas

Have you become an HOA board member in Galveston, Texas? There is a list of responsibilities that you'll need to prepare yourself to take on.

Members work hard to maintain common areas. They select the HOA manager and guide them in the right direction. They manage the board's finances and have a wide range of documents they have to familiarize themselves with.

These are only a few HOA board duties you'll have on your shoulders. Check out this guide to learn more.

Fulfill Your Role

All HOA board members have a specific role to play. The president has the most responsibility. Their job is to decide on the talking points for meetings and act as the group leader.

The vice president will take control of things when the president isn't around. They act as a support system for the president and work to make their job easier.

The treasurer manages the board's finances. They keep track of the budget and prevent the association from going bankrupt. They spend their time preparing financial reports to share during meetings.

The secretary is in charge of all documents. They write down everything that's talked about during meetings.

Maintaining Common Areas

As a local HOA board member, it will be your job to help maintain the common areas. That could mean calling someone to fill the potholes in the street.

You may also be asked to contact landscapers to upkeep the lawn in these common areas. An HOA management company can help you with this.

Understanding Governing Documents

While the secretary is the one who manages documents, it's crucial that every board member is familiar with what they mean. They're the foundation of the entire group.

They contain a list of restrictions, HOA bylaws, state and federal laws, and Articles of Incorporation. A management company can help you by performing some administrative tasks.

Making Community-Wide Decisions

No matter your role on the HOA board, you have the responsibility of making big decisions that will affect your entire community. If you propose a change, the board and the homeowners in the area will vote on it.

It's important to note that you won't be able to make decisions that are outside of the jurisdiction of your role.

Selecting and Guiding the HOA Manager

While the HOA board and president make most of the big decisions, the manager does most of the footwork. They send out notices, meet with residents to help them find solutions to problems they're having in the community, and much more.

It will be the job of you and the other members of the board to select an HOA manager and guide them in the right direction.

Understanding Your Role as an HOA Board Member

As you can see, being an HOA board member can be a huge responsibility. You'll be in charge of the well-being of everyone in your community in Galveston, Texas.

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