HOA Repeat Violations vs Continuing Violations: What's the Difference?

HOA Repeat Violations vs Continuing Violations: What's the Difference?

Breaking HOA rules and not paying fines can lead to an HOA lien on your home. That's why you should be familiar with your community's violations and their associated fees, especially the rules about support animals.

Not all rule-breaking is the same; there are repeat violations and continuing ones. Each type means different troubles for you. If you learn the difference, you can avoid more fines piling up.

To protect your home and wallet, keep reading to learn the nuances between HOA repeat and continuing violations.

Understanding HOA Repeat Violations

When you live in a neighborhood with a homeowners association (HOA), you agree to follow the rules. Sometimes, you might slip up and break a rule. If you do it more than once, this becomes a repeat violation.

Support Animals Example

Let's say you have a support animal and fail to properly notify the HOA or don't adhere to guidelines for common areas. The first time it happens, the HOA reminds you of the rules.

If it happens again next week, that's a repeat violation. There are penalties for HOA violations like this.

Continuing Violations

Continuing violations happen when you keep breaking a rule and don't fix the issue. Let's look at the support animal situation again.

Imagine you're not following the HOA's rules about your pet. Maybe you're not using a leash in common areas or cleaning up after them. If you do this every day and don't stop, that's a continuing violation.

The Role of the Association Manager

The association manager helps run the HOA. They keep an eye on everything to make sure the rules are followed. If you break one, the manager is usually the first to know.

They send out warnings and fines. For continuing violations, the manager decides how to handle the ongoing problem. This may lead to increased HOA dues, an HOA lien, or HOA foreclosure.

Impact of Violations on the Community

Repeat violations strain relationships between neighbors. People get upset when they follow the rules and see others ignoring them.

For example, not following support animal guidelines could trouble neighbors who are allergic or scared. This tension can ruin the friendly atmosphere.

Common areas can also suffer. When pet, waste, or maintenance rules are continually ignored, these areas are damaged. This reduces the space's enjoyment and usability for everyone.

If violations are not resolved, the whole community pays the price. The HOA or HOA management company might have to raise everyone's dues to cover unpaid fines. This affects all homeowners.

A peaceful community relies on respect for each other's rights. Following HOA rules helps everyone. It keeps the community strong and makes living there better for all.

How to Prevent HOA Violations

Be mindful of the rules to avoid HOA violations and possible tension with neighbors. Pet owners, for example, should follow the guidelines for support animals.

Unresolved offenses might affect everyone financially. Your commitment to sticking to the rules ensures a stronger, happier neighborhood.

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