Guidelines for HOA Rental Property Inspections in Galveston, Texas

Guidelines for HOA Rental Property Inspections in Galveston, Texas

If you've ever wondered why HOA neighborhoods look well-maintained and kept together, you can chalk it up to this living model's strict adherence to guidelines.

HOA guidelines are meant to reinforce the visual integrity of the community's landscaping, exterior housing elements, trash maintenance, and the overall look of the community's layout.

These standards also extend to interior integrity. This is where rental property inspections come into play.

Residents must take good care of the inside of their homes, ensuring trash is taken out every week and the unit is free from mice and other pests. HVAC systems should be upgraded to avoid indoor air pollution and health hazards like gas leaks. Appliance upgrades like new stoves, plumbing, and fresh insulation also protect against potential hazards like water damage and house fires.

In this guide, learn even more about the value of property inspections.

What You Can Do

If you want an "A+" on every home inspection, it's best to keep your home and landscaping in top shape. Thus, you should be conducting your own inspections, complete with a checklist.

Start with primary concerns; these typically revolve around any potential health hazards.

Start with the following:

  • HVAC systems (faulty parts, outdated systems, etc.)
  • Plumbing (leaky pipes, old systems, etc.)
  • Roof material (replacements, molding, water damage, etc.)
  • Insulation (old material, pests, water and molding)
  • Kitchen (old appliances, mold, flooring issues)
  • Flooring (warped flooring, cracks, and creaks)
  • Stairs (sturdy, reliable, old wood issues, etc.)
  • Bathroom (safety features, shower heads, etc.)

Think of a potential situation where a household member could slip and fall. Check all features to ensure everything from kitchen appliances to stair floorboards are fully upgraded.

One of the perks of living in an HOA is communication. You can communicate these concerns to your association manager, and they'll put in a request to their maintenance vendors.

Rental Property Inspections For Landscaping

These types of inspections generate the most talk around HOAs. It also speaks to the topic of HOA violations.

A resident will receive a violation notice if their landscaping does not reflect the standards ascribed in the community's handbook.

These standards aren't just for aesthetic value; for example, residents are not allowed to keep dead trees on their property or trees that grow into power lines. Thus, these guidelines are just as important for health and safety.

Overflowing trash receptacles are also cause for violation. Residents are asked to keep all curbside trash contained to prevent the influx of pests like mice, raccoons, and opossums.

Lawns must be well-maintained with routine lawn care, and residents are limited to the amount (and type) of plants they're allowed to plant in their yards. This stipulation also prevents weeds and invasive species from spreading quickly throughout the neighborhood.

Residents may contact an association manager about lawn care or hire their own gardener to maintain their lawns if they wish.

Understanding the Value of HOA guidelines.

The more you learn about HOA guidelines, the more you'll understand their value. Remember these points about rental property inspections when making your decision about buying an HOA home.

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