The Do's and Don'ts of Running Effective HOA meetings

The Do's and Don'ts of Running Effective HOA meetings

The Homeowners Association (HOA) keeps property owners informed and involved in the community in which they live. These organizations are a common part of community living, with almost 30% of the American population living in one.

One of the necessary activities as part of this association is HOA meetings. These meetings, overseen by a board of directors, encourages residents to discuss concerns, makes and reviews important decisions, and helps to foster community within the group.

Running effective meetings is key to keeping your community association running as effectively as possible. Here are the top tips for running your HOA meetings like a pro.

Create an Agenda

Having an HOA meeting agenda will keep your meetings organized. You will decide what your agenda looks like based on the requirements laid out by your state laws and governing documents.

Keep your agenda short. You don't want your residents to lose interest halfway through the meeting.

Consider adding the following areas to your HOA meeting agenda:

  • Review old business
  • Address new business
  • Review committee reports
  • Go over action items
  • Give a finance report
  • Open resident forum

You don't need to hold a long, drawn-out meeting to cover these topics. Spend a short amount of time on the most important issues and move on.

Another good idea is to review the HOA board meeting rules before you start. This will ensure everyone is on the same page at the meeting from the get-go.

Have a Timekeeper

Once you've created your agenda, decide how much time you will spend on each item. It's easy to get carried away on an agenda item and have it take too long.

Another common HOA meeting issue is for it to turn into a time to catch up. Make sure you allocate some time for people to build community before your meeting is scheduled to start.

Appoint one of the HOA members to keep track of the time. Once you reach the time limit, the timekeeper will alert the meeting members that it's time to move on to the next agenda item.

Limit Open Resident Forum Time

One of the most important feedback you'll get during your HOA meetings will be from your residents. Having time for owners to speak at your meetings is a key part of any HOA agenda, but you can't let that time last indefinitely.

Consider having an open discussion time at the start or end of the meeting. You can speed up this process by having HOA residents submit questions or comments before the meeting starts. This will help HOA members have an answer prepared, which will speed up the meeting.

Make Your HOA Meetings Clear and Efficient

HOA meetings are vital to the success of your association. Having a plan to run them will keep them organized and professional.

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